Gene Simmons Reveals Daughter Dressing Room Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons made a bizarre face after he put on makeup in his dressing room with his lovely daughter Sophie Simmons in a photo he took. Sophie Simmons is a singer and songwriter herself, following in the footsteps of her legendary father, and she also has the model good looks of her mother Shannon Tweed. Gene Simmons filmed a video of his daughter dancing recently.

Simmons’ former KISS bandmate Vinnie Vincent also announced a new Christmas show will take place, “Hi everyone, I have an update I want to share with you. The VINNIE VINCENT ‘MERRY METAL CHRISTMAS’ SHOW IS ON!! Yes! I want this celebration with you and have decided whatever it takes, and how ever many tickets are sold, the show goes on one way or another. Again, tickets have to purchased thru paypal NO LATER than OCTOBER 5. So everyone attending please contact Steve xxxxxx for payment. I am still assembling the people and have reached out to my dear friend, Robert Fleischman to appear at the MERRY METAL CHRISTMAS show and we are working thru the details as we speak. I think and I hope this will be Rob’s and my history about to be made together, the way it should have happened.

I learned that Jeff Soto has a prior touring commitment which is in conflict for Dec 14-15. Naturally I wish Jeff my best. I will be having my musicians with me who I enjoy working with and it will be a fun and memorable weekend…..the BIRTHDAY BASH ON STEROIDS… … I WILL SHREDD – WE WILL ROCK! – AND WE WILL ROLL…The timeless BEATLES lyric seems somehow fitting in this magic time for me: ‘I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together’ (from I AM THE WALRUS)”

Gene Simmons revealed a John Lennon secret a few days ago. Vincent later wrote, “To my friends and fans in Argentina: I LOVE YOU ALL! I want to express my deepest gratitude to each of you for waiting and believing in my return and yes, my loved ones, VINNIE VINCENT IS BACK!! MY DREAM IS TO COME TO ARGENTINA AND PLAY FOR YOU. Maybe with the right promoter VINNIE VINCENT WILL SHREDD ARGENTINA. I will hope. Maybe back to Rio de Janiero… VINNIE VINCENT SHREDDS MARACANA STADIUM.

Now that would be the best. Yes? Thank you all for the tribute videos and kind messages and support you have sent me. I am deeply honored. The spirit is changing and it is a time of hope and new energy. I will be with you soon on DECEMBER 14-15 SIR NASHVILLE. We will all have a MERRY METAL CHRISTMAS TOGETHER!! My love to all and to my good friends at GIBSON, I’ve only just begun… to shredd!! VINNIE VINCENT.” Gene Simmons made a sad revelation about divorce last week.