Robert Plant Disrespected By Rock Icon In Bathroom


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant discussed being disrespected by the legendary Sonny Boy Williamson II in the bathroom when he was younger. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments from AXS TV’s A Life on the Road. Robert Plant revealed who really killed Led Zeppelin yesterday.

“Sonny Boy was my hero, because I wanted to play harmonica, and I heard this song, and I learned how to play it. I went to Birmingham Town Hall, and Sonny Boy was playing on one of these festivals. I went to the toilet, and he was in the toilet, and he was a huge man, probably 6’2 or 6’3, I was still growing at the time.

I looked, ‘There you are. Mr. Williamson, it’s such a great honor to meet you.’ I finished what I was doing, and he continued to try and finish what he was doing, and he was going on for a bit. I said, ‘Is there any chance for your autograph?’ He looked down at me, and he looked at all parts of me that were visible, and he said, ‘F**k off son.’ I said, ‘Thank you.’ I never looked back.”

Robert Plant discussed the night he spent with an A-list female singer last week. DwightVSJim posted on Reddit about another uncomfortable subject for Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin’s bad songs. He said, “By my calculations, there are approximately 7 “bad” Zeppelin songs. Not counting Coda or there would be more. But my list is: The Crunge; Hats off to Roy Harper; Sick Again; Royal Orleans; Candy Store Rock; Hot Dog: Carouselambra

You could probably remove Sick Again and Hats off to Roy Harper but I put them on here to make the list longer.

I’m a huge Zeppelin fan and love them to death. The Crunge is so weird melody wise don’t you think? The songs on Out Door are really bad IMO. Which is weird because then they have some amazing songs on that album. What are some songs you think are legitimate bad?” Jimmy Page called out a Robert Plant snub at a solo concert recently.