Green Day Member Reveals Drug ‘Worse’ Than Heroin


Green Day have their history with drugs, and many rock and roll bands have used drugs like heroin and cocaine, but a lot of the time it isn’t noticeable when listening to an album. In Green Day’s case, a member just admitted that they were ‘stoned’ recording one of their records, and you can hear it when listening! Bassist Mike Dirnt made the revelation in a new Ebaum’s World interview. A ridiculous Green Day and Metallica demand was leaked last week.

“When we turned in our first album on Lookout Records, our bonus was an ounce of weed. What’s really funny is you can tell on some of our second record that we were really, really stoned. In fact, the beginning of the song Green Day on our first album, you can hear us taking a bong hit recorded in the intro of the song.”

He also said, “I use CBD for stress and to help me relax for sleep. I use balm with CBD and THC in it for joint pains from playing bass for years. I can be rather high strung and it’s got a real calming effect on me.”

Dirnt admitted Green Day’s name is inspired by marijuana. He said, “The name comes from the title of a song on our first full length album about smoking pot in our friend’s room and basically having a stoney psychedelic experience while listening to records.”

Kurt Cobain’s daughter recently reacted to a painful Billie Joe Armstrong photo. Kevinatorz recent posted on Reddit about Green Day’s new singles, “The problem with this new stuff isn’t that it’s ‘pop.’ I get it, Green Day is a punk band and you want them to make punk music. I do agree that their vision of this album seems off (“rock has lost its edge” but the music is actually far from edgy rock?), however it seems of y’all forget there are actual good pop records out there, or are you gonna pretend the Beatles suck now?

There’s good music in any genre. The actual problem is that the songs just aren’t good, and that’s a shame as I was looking forward to new Green Day music.”

Nickinthehouse commented, “Yeah, agree with your post. I think I’ll enjoy the album because I enjoy this band to some extent. It’s certainly not the direction I would have liked, but I’ll take pop Green Day over no Green Day.”

Goatsie12 responded, “I like the songs. Fire, Ready, Aim not so much cause it’s the NHL’s theme song so it doesn’t have much sustenance, but Father of All and Oh Yeah I really enjoyed. Idk I’m excited for the album.”

You can read the full interview at Ebaum’s World.

  • Gene Franklin

    What the fuck is that headline? What the fuck is this article? The absolute lowest bar has been set for journalism with this “article”. Be ashamed Brett Buchanan, hang thy head in shame.

    • Emma Henderson

      It pisses me off too, what a scam! Their headline is a lie, all the time!

  • Marlon Feitosa

    For all these 20 years that I’m a Green Day fan, I thought they were just putting beer in a glass on that song.

    • Jenn Casteeyo

      Besides the title being garbage, hasn’t it been known they recorded Dookie while on meth? Or am I wrong?

  • Alex Graves

    Did Mike Dirnt claim marijuana is worse than heroin? If he did, he was stoned

  • tendoboy1984

    The Reddit quotes in the article have nothing to do with the article or headline. Aside from that the article was mildly interesting.

  • dank

    This article is garbage. Wtf does it have to do w the article name? Are u saying weed is worse than herion ?? LOL? Disjointed writing & pointless..

  • OJayG

    “Dirnt admitted Green Day’s name is inspired by marijuana.”
    yea no shit sherlock XD

  • Roberto

    What a shitty website this is

  • Mark B. Little

    My initial comment was removed. This is the biggest bullshit article I’ve ever seen. If this dude passed any writing or journalism classes in school, it’s because he sucked off the professor.