John Lennon Brutally Called Surprising Woman ‘Fat’


The official Instagram account for late The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following doodle. Freddie Mercury made this ‘closeted’ John Lennon remark. This doodle, is one that we believe that Lennon himself drew himself and tells the story about an ‘old hag widow’ and her two dogs. Howard Stern revealed recently how John Lennon topped Michael Jackson. Lennon describes the doodle with this backstory. You can view that and the doodle itself below. John Lennon called a surprising name a ‘loser’ before his death.

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It were a small village, Squirmly on the Slug, and vile ruperts spread fat and thick amongst the inhabidads what libed there. One victor of these gossipity tongues had oft been Victor Hardly, a harmless boot, whom never halmed nobody. A typical quimmty old hag who sperad these vile ruperts was Mrs Weatherby – a widow by her first husbands. ‘They’re holding a Black Matt down at Victors pad,’ was oft heard about the village – but I never heard of it. things like this were getting Victor down, if not lower.⠀’Why but why do they say tehse bad things about me when I have but never halmed or speak bad,’ he would say, but I never heard him. ‘He’s drawing bad Christians on the graves,’ Mrs Weatherby would spread. The whole village was alarming.⠀‘We can’t have all this,’ said the Vicar, who was a Christian. ‘We’ll have to set up a trap and catch this fowl fiend what desicated our church.’⠀ ⁣
Once and forearm plans were made to prove who it were playing the Darryl with the church. On Thursday or Monday a little group of thirty-two people, all hid noticeably amongst all the other dead things lying about.⠀’This will catch him, god willy,’ thought a man with Oxfam on his face.⠀ ⁣After eight hours or so they all noticed that nothing had happened – and they began to wonder – why? after all hadn’t they had the information from a reliable sore?⠀⁣