Paul Stanley Grabs Young A-List Actress In Photo


Legendary KISS frontman, Paul Stanley was having a crazy, crazy, night with A-List Actress and America’s Got Talent judge – Gabrielle Union during a taping of the show, grabbing her for a nice photo. You can check out the fan reactions and the adorably cute picture below:

A KISS member’s daughter kissed an older woman in this recent photo. 

Nice picture I just love your tweets I read them, and remember when I was a little kid I was scared of KISS 😂. The only music I heard in my house was R&B and old school jazz. The commercials advertising your records in the seventies used to freak me out😂

Sylvie Conontin
So lovely to see you having some nice time off and catching up with new and old friends too …And beautiful Gabrielle Union is definitely having fun too …Making funny faces should be a new contest in this show ?

In other KISS news, their retro 1984 album – Animalize turned 35 recently and fans over at the KISS fan forum, KISSFAQ gave their say and sounded off on whether or not the album or not has aged well. Replies can be viewed down below:

Slipknot recently revealed who made out with Paul Stanley.

jkiss: In retrospect, hard to feel good about ‘1984’ with all that terrifying news about what was really happening to some people. And would only become even more terrifying before long. Certainly one KISS album that doesn’t hold-up for me these days (save “Heaven’s on Fire” – perfect); although, I thought it was ‘good enough’ when released. I don’t care for Mark St. John’s solos & the unusual/contrived faster pace of some of the songs. Plus, Gene’s contributions really come-off as lackluster …likely a result of his then new hobby in Hollywood. I guess one KISS album that didn’t age well overall; as far as I’m concerned.

I was probably more excited about bands like Van Halen or even Duran Duran at that given moment; nonetheless, still pleased enough KISS made it thought the storm. However, it surely wasn’t the 1970s, anymore.

caligari: Got it 35 yrs ago on the day of release.

I’d already heard “heavens on fire”: a catchy yet dumbed down single like the previous “lick it up”.

Loved the first track, but it was downhill after that.
I did not enjoy the songs/writing like on the previous album. That’s when I realized how important Vinnie really was to the “new” KISS.

With the acceptation of a couple solos, I was not too excited about MSJ.

I thought the production sounded thin & did not have the crunch of the previous LP. Most of Gene’s songs were subpar.

I was actually sad because I wanted to like the album more than I did.

Paul Stanley made a sad claim after recent Gene Simmons surgery.