John Lennon Filmed Snorting Coke In Leaked Video


A video of late The Beatles icon John Lennon snorting on a bottle of coke soda recently resurfaced on Twitter. It shows Lennon’s biting sense of humor, as it’s another type of coke that people are usually known to snort. Gene Simmons revealed a bold John Lennon secret recently.

sochabell recently posted on The Beatles Reddit a theory about his family, “I love John, and unlike a lot of people I have no problem with Yoko Ono, but one thing that’s always bothered me is how he fought so damn hard to try and get Kyoko back from her father, yet he rarely saw Julian up until about 1974 or so. I understand he loved Yoko and obviously didn’t want to see her separated from her child, but it just strikes me as odd how he seemed to care more about bringing Kyoko to live with them than his own kid.

And I won’t try to lie or hide it, there is a huge jealousy aspect for me as well. John never had daughters of his own, and I HATE the thought of him having one, as that’s the kind of role I like to imagine MYSELF playing in his life. If he really can look down from heaven and see what’s going on here, I’d like to think I’M the little girl in his life; not exactly like a father-daughter relationship, but a Jacob-Renesmee relationship. That little princess role was made special just for me.

I feel that confirmed as I lie awake in bed and cry at night. Just knowing he thinks of me that way brings me so much joy, but I’m human and have my weaknesses, and sometimes that includes becoming insecure and getting jealous of any other female child he comes into contact with.” John Lennon revealing a threat by police officers before his death was recently revealed.