John Lennon Threat By Officers Before Death Revealed


The Beatles icon John Lennon has an active posthumous Twitter page, and a recent post revealed how he got murder threats after marrying Yoko Ono. Dave Grohl recently revealed the impact of John Lennon and Van Halen in a bizarre video.

“When Yoko and I got married, we got terrible racist letters – you know, warning me that she would slit my throat. Those mainly came from Army people living in Aldershot. Officers.”

Another tweet continued on the theme of Lennon being anti-war, “We went to America a few times. Epstein always tried to waffle on at us about saying nothing about Vietnam. There came a time when George and I said ‘Listen, when they ask next time, we’re going to say we don’t like that war and we think they should get right out.””

Another tweet sadly said how no cause was worth dying for, “There’s no cause worth losing your life for, there isn’t any path worth getting shot for. Don’t get hassled by the cops, and don’t play their games. We can make it together.”

Lennon also discussed intellectuals of the 1930’s, “The so-called intellectuals of the 1930s talking about there’s no barrier between ballet, poetry, and music. Well, there is, you know, ’cause they continue talking about it. But I think musicians are on the threshold of breaking through those barriers.” John Lennon believing George Harrison disrespected his wife Yoko Ono was revealed in a new article.