Josh Homme Breaks Silence On Red Hot Chili Peppers Firing


Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme is breaking his silence on Red Hot Chili Peppers by announcing a performance with Chad Smith and Johnny Depp. Homme, Depp, Smith, Chris Chaney, and Andrew Watt will perform on January 18th at the Imperial Ball 2020. A cryptic Josh Homme ‘goodbye’ note was just posted.

Dundlechief posted on the RHCP Reddit about the band firing Josh Klinghoffer for John Frusciante, “It seems the general concensus is that everyone “hopes” he will still shred like the John we loved back in 06, but most think he won’t due to him being very into electronic music and drum machines etc. now. we’ll…HE’S GONNA BE EVEN BETTER I SAY! Keep in mind when john came back in 98′ he self admittedly had to re-learn how to play high level guitar again because he hadn’t played in a while due to being deep in drug addiction….and then he gave us Californiacation followed by By the Way and Stadium Arcadium. NOW.. he’s been honing his craft for a whole 10 years.

If your worried about john’s guitar chops being lessened by his absence just listen to the song “Cinch” on 2015’s Enclosure. Dude shreds it. I’m f**kin excited.”

Kenticus69 responded, “His chops will be fine – even whilst doing electronic music, all the guy did was hang out and do music for the past decade so inevitably he’s played a ton of guitar. He’s released songs with guitar solos on them too so not like he just dropped the instrument….

I imagine like all era with the guy, his playing will have evolved and changed with time. I come in expecting nothing and will just keep open ears for what he’s got up his sleeve.” John Frusciante’s stunning weight loss was recently revealed.