Josh Klinghoffer Sad Red Hot Chili Peppers Firing Photo Leaks


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer looks a little bummed out in the first photo since his firing, in an announcement of his first post-Chili Peppers interview with Drew Dempsey of DFD Productions on January 5, 2020, though it could have been taken earlier. John Frusciante replaced Klinghoffer in the Chili Peppers last Sunday.

DFD Productions wrote, “#redhotchilipeppers part ways w/ #joshklinghoffer after 10 years. Lets talk to him and find out why in 7 days.”

Flea posted a new photo of John Frusciante after the reunion a couple of days ago. Freakapotomous said on Reddit, “The reason is that John was ready to be back. It is that simple. I like Josh, i’m thankful for him to helped tha band keep going in the last decade, but John is John. And if there is 1% chance to get him back and make music with flea and chad again than I’m fine with this decision. Plus I’m pretty sure they were gentle with him in the process of separation.

(and for those who thinks Josh is a victim here: he earns some million dollar, got a chance to play with one of the biggest band on earth + many people knows his name now and loves him. Before RHCP he was a talented session musician, but now he is THE JOSH KLINGHOFFER).”

Brockdoc9 responded, “I 100% agree with you man..There seems to be a lot of hatred against the Peppers for firing Josh (if this is actually the case, nobody knows for sure)

I think John is in every way possible a better guitarist, better songwriter and just an overall better musician than Josh. (and than almost every other guitarist there is, so its no shame for Josh, he’s good too).

The chemistry John had with Flea and Chad is uncanny and no where near the same as Josh had with the band. The Getaway and I’m With You just don’t compare to Californication, By the Way, Stadium Arcadium and BSSM and I don’t think any music critic would disagree with that.

I’m grateful Josh took it on him to take over after John left and he has done splendid as his replacement but as you said if there is even 1% chance to get John back, they just have to take it!” Rick Rubin just revealed why Red Hot Chili Peppers fired Josh Klinghoffer.