Bono ‘Heckled’ By U2 Fans For Angry Remark


More from the controversial U2 concert in Manilla, the Philippines have showcased their experiences as more and more fans are taking to social media via Twitter to vocalize their thoughts over that night. One example is this particular fan who stated: “U2/Bono shocked and angered Manila concertgoers at their show’s end when he praised fake news reporter and tax cheat Maria Ressa, and showed her on-screen.” Bono called ‘liar’ by U2 fans for disrespect at concert.

The fan then shared a video that shows getting a mixed reaction from the Flipino crowd, which is in line with what we previously reported on this subject.

In other news regarding Bono and U2, on a recent topic within the U2 subreddit, fan discussed their desire for a deluxe edition of the group’s 1997 album – Pop. Ilolz2 wrote: “I Wouldn’t mind a deluxe edition Pop. So [I’ve been] needing a Christmas music break in the office and decided to give “Achtung Baby (Deluxe Edition)” a listen and thought “there needs to be a deluxe edition Pop with all the remixes and B-sides”. Songs like Holy Joe, their cover of Happiness is a Warm Gun, all the Discotheque remixes, are some of the best in my opinion.”

Ricardosfig responded by saying: “It’s a shame they dislike Pop, it’s my favorite by far. All these supposed “mistakes” and “flaws” make it unique. Don’t think any beats or effects added ruined the songs and I probably wouldn’t enjoy them as much as more regular rock songs. For example, the single version of Please is amazing and truly a piece of art. But I like the kinda broken original version more, it’s much more uncomfortable and it adds a lot to the song’s atmosphere. Pop is perfect, In my opinion. I still remember listening to Discotheque as a ten-year-old thinking what the hell is this (especially when watching the video) but still blown away by the mix of rock and electronica. There was no coming back since then. The traditional rock band format never appealed to me so much ever again. All I want now is layers, beats, synth, and all that stuff.” Bono confirms ‘the end’ for U2 after huge tour.