Kurt Cobain Daughter Disturbing Smoking Photo Revealed


A rare photo of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain sadly smoking in a ‘no smoking’ area has surfaced. Fortunately, since this photo has been taken, Frances appears to be smoking less in photos and looks very healthy, though she looks great here as well in the photo with a friend!

A Kurt Cobain bizarre Tool threat surfaced recently. Danny Goldberg recently discussed managing Nirvana and Frances Bean’s father Kurt Cobain, and their early Nevermind era days, “While they were in rehearsing the songs that would become Nevermind, they played a show in L.A, opening for Dinosaur Jr.

Kurt was a tremendous believer in extensive rehearsal. He has this image with some people of being this slacker, or rebellious or cynical. There were certainly things that he could be cynical about and rebel against, but not when it came to his art; he had a work ethic about his art that was fierce.

I went to see them and it was a huge moment in my life, because it was only then that I understood how special Kurt was, how special the band was – and realized how fortunate I was to be working with them. They immediately became much more important to me and I became much more engaged.” He made the comments in a Music Business Worldwide interview.

Frances Bean Cobain is following in her father’s footsteps. She’s been an artist for years, and is currently working on music for her debut album, with a rumored Columbia Records two album deal. Dave Grohl recently made a stunning Kurt Cobain bathroom claim.