Maynard James Keenan ‘Struggles’ At Tool Concert

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Tool performed in Glendale a few days ago, and Maynard James Keenan struggled to sing a song, while his bandmate appeared to be sick. Tool recently confirmed a 2020 tour without their primary members.

Iso_equinimity wrote in a review, “Been into Tool since 93. Seen them about twenty times. Been at good shows and bad shows.

Last nights show was killer. I had floor seats and the sound was incredible. You were bathing in it. Every instrument sounded crisp and alive. The band fucked up a few times… was Justin sick? Adam hugged him at one point and he seemed to gesticulate like he was struggling. Maynard’s voice cracked during Stinkfist, but otherwise… it was the best I’ve heard him sound in years.

He was active and engaged with the audience in a way I haven’t seen in a very long time. He seemed to actually enjoy being there, which as we all know, completely makes or breaks the vibe of a Tool show.

I was sandwiched between two groups of guys who were both Tool Concert virgins… it was amazing seeing them get completely blown away by the experience. They were transformed from skeptics to zealots in two hours and it was heartwarming to see.

I will say that I’m really upset to have not gotten to see Descending. It’s my favorite song from the new album and I feel like experiencing it live would be mind-breaking.
And, again, I’m pretty sure someone was sick and the show was cut short by a song or two…. does anyone have any insight?

Amazing experience and worth every penny. Somehow these dudes are still all performing amazingly well. I can’t imagine how much longer they can keep it up. See them now, if you can. Peace.” A Tool member leaked a surprising 2021 new album last week.