Gene Simmons Reveals If Paul Stanley Is ‘Past His Prime’


Gene Simmons threw some shade at several of his rock and roll colleagues recently as the influential KISS bassist recently did an interview with the largest newspaper over in Finland. According to KissFAQ forum member Gene Therapist, Simmons’ main point of contention was that some of these established classic rock acts don’t know when to reach – the end of the road! Gene Simmons announces new singer on KISS 2020 tour.

As the user stated: “Gene says they’ve seen lots of bands who didn’t know when to stop – bands that should have retired a long time ago. Whereas Kiss will go out in their prime with EOTR [End of the Road], according to him!

Gene Simmons daughter calls out ‘horrible’ performance. This led several fans and forum users to react to the news. BlackDiamond67 wrote: “There is nothing that Gene could say to appease the malcontents anyway. Might as well revel in the current incarnation that many still enjoy. As far as their legacy, it’s a five-decade journey that few bands get to experience. Father time is undefeated and it will all end soon enough. Just relax and let it all play out.”

Whereas Strutter replied: “It doesn’t matter what he says at any given moment as long as it generates interest in the brand. I’m sure he’s sleepwalking through all of these press conversations. You want him to be honest about stuff, you’d have to be a close friend of his.”

Gene Simmons’ wife ‘moving’ was recently revealed in photo. While Nately120 stated: “Gene says KISS is in their prime. Vinnie says he’s a guitar god. Peter gave his 78 solo album 5/5. Paul writes 1000 songs pretending that he’s not super insecure. Bob Kulick says he won a Grammy, and so on. Also, I just beat up a lion and I’m going to have sex with a supermodel right now.