Michael Jackson Family Make Stunning Robert Plant Claim


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was photographed with Michael Jackson’s family a couple of days ago. Jimmy Page discussed replacing John Paul Jones with Robert Plant in the 90’s in a new social media post.

The Jacksons tweeted, “Good times hanging out with @RobertPlant, lead singer and lyricist for the rock band @ledzeppelin, at the @Wolves game!⚽️ Tito Jackson tweeted, “Such a pleasure and honor meeting you, @RobertPlant (singer of @ledzeppelin and vice president of @Wolves) #wolvesaye.”

Slash’s girlfriend recently revealed a sad Michael Jackson and Prince photo. Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones recently announced, “🔥Japan!🇯🇵 John is returning to TOKYO in September. Performing on 3rd Sep and 5 Sep at PIT INN , Shinjuku with a new duo called Sons Of Chipotle (JPJ and Anssi Karttunen). A rare chance to see two of the world’s finest musicians in a very small club. Tickets on sale on SUNDAY morning. Link will be posted soon. Also appearing with JPJ and Anssi will be #JimORourke and Otomo Yoshihide.”

Jones performed earlier this year with Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth, announcing at the time, “🔥A unique musical meeting of three of the most inventive performers of our time. John is going to be performing with Thurston Moore (SonicYouth) and Steve Noble for one night only on 28th March 2019 The 100 Club in London to benefit ResonanceFM Tix avail here (on sale now): https://fundraiser.resonance.fm/…/johnpauljones-thurstonmoo…”

While Plant and John Paul Jones are still active in music and the public eye, sadly Jimmy Page hasn’t performed live in years, and a Led Zeppelin reunion seems impossible now, unless the singer for Greta Van Fleet takes over.

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    Everyone knows that Michael Jackson supported Pepsi. Coke?
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    Rock & Roll will never die.

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      I’m upvoting this simply because he managed to work Robert Plant into it.

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      You are definitely bugged out my friend

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    Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin” On ……..
    He goes and prepares a Barn for you….
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