Robert Plant Snubbed Surprising Led Zeppelin Bandmate


Jimmy Page discussed his 1994 partial Led Zeppelin reunion with Robert Plant in a new social media post, and how they hired a different bassist other than John Paul Jones, a major snub at the time. A Led Zeppelin member revealed how he was ‘intoxicated’ by an A-list actress yesterday.

He wrote, “On this day in 1994, I finished filming Unledded for London Weekend Television.⁣ This day marks the final day of recording of the Page and Plant Unledded ‘No Quarter’ project for MTV at LWT, located by the river Thames in London.⁣

Two days before, we had the final rehearsal and incorporated the Egyptian ensemble of strings and percussion who would be flying over the pad of a classical orchestra. Amongst other elements that were incorporated, we showcased Nigel Eaton on Hurdy Gurdy to play on ‘Gallows Pole’ and Najma Aktar who sang on ‘The Battle of Evermore’.⁣

The rehearsal was the first time we would get to hear the two orchestras play together, as up to this point, the Egyptians and the traditional orchestra would have rehearsed in separate locations.⁣

With string arranger Ed Shermer on keyboards, Michael Lee on drums, Charlie Jones on bass and guest guitarist Porl Thompson, we were ready to make musical mischief! The recordings were from two performances – one from yesterday and one from today. Along with the field recordings in various locations in Morocco and Wales like the magickal children of Alan Lomax, Page and Plant were soon to be ready for a world tour to present new musical textures to a world audience!⁣” A big name discussed rehearing with Led Zeppelin to replace Robert Plant in 2008 just last week.