Motley Crue Icon Allegedly Smokes Drug With Wife


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s lovely wife Brittany Furlan Lee recently tweeted that she was smoking marijuana with her husband, and they came up with a brilliant revelation about how weird giraffes are. Vince Neil was recently photographed having dinner with an A-list model.

Brittany recently tweeted, “You guys ever think about how fuckin weird giraffes are? A unicorn seems much less weird than a giant leopard-spotted camel face horse with a 40 foot long neck and black tongue.”

A fan asked her, “You stole that quote tho.”

Brittany responded, “No I was smoking weed with my husband and it came to us. People can have similar thoughts ya know.”

She also recently posted on Twitter, “Remember when we were little & could wake up without coffee? When we had energy all day without supplements? When a work out was running around the yard instead of going to a gym. When at the end of the day we went to bed from pure exhaustion, no pill needed…Those were the days.”

Brittany hosts the ‘Worst Firsts’ podcast. Motley Crue released their ‘The Dirt’ biopic film on Netflix earlier this year, and they reunited to record new material for the soundtrack for the film, along with to make public appearances and do interviews to promote the movie. A Guns N’ Roses member made a dark Motley Crue ‘The Dirt’ revelation last week.