Keith Richards Terrifying Smoking Video Revealed


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards created ‘homemade incense’ with smoke in a new video uploaded by his lovely wife Patti Hansen. Keith Richards’ daughter recently revealed a sad Slash photo.

GasLightStreet criticized The Rolling Stones’ last album A Bigger Bang in a new post.

“Maybe it’s me. Maybe I expected better. Or more. Something. Seeing that it was their first LP since BRIDGES TO BABYLON, and having heard a studio glimpse of Oh No Not You Again that gave me such hope (little did I know it would end up being one of the hand full of duds) of them having captured some kind of SOME GIRLS energy muse, A BIGGER BANG had a great opportunity to be something, especially considering the gap since their last LP.

If they’d put as much effort into considering what to choose to boost the album as they did preparing their tour and it’s ridiculous stage perhaps A BIGGER BANG would’ve been better received – by the audience and by the band.

Mick Jagger’s daughter was ‘busted’ kissing a big name recently. GasLightStreet continued, “Instead of opting to use something that would spark some things in people by releasing Biggest Mistake (maybe even with a better title, maybe Love Comes So Late) as the first single, they chose one of the better tunes that is the Stones being the Stones, one of their best rockers in quite a while, Rough Justice (although somehow elsewhere it was the magnificently awful bad Streets Of Love). As much as I like Rough Justice, it doesn’t grab as immediately as She Saw Me Coming, the only other song that might stir something in anyone from the top because it has a great opening lick, something that is lacking on a major majority of the songs on ABB.

As cool as Rain Fall Down is, it’s a bit tepid and is lyrically equivalent to a 12 year old trying to sound like a teenager; it still stuck to the modern trip Mick was still chasing after with the results being behind the curve, again, just as was done with BRIDGES, but didn’t go too far this time (it also sounds like an UNDERCOVER leftover).

They probably missed out on making people pay attention had they released Laugh… I Nearly Died as a second or third single: their best ballads since Beast Of Burden.

Then there’s the obvious bad step – the album, their 4th (and third in a row) double studio album, is too damn long.” Keith Richards’ wife recently leaked a Paul McCartney ‘love’ photo.