Nikki Sixx Drops Motley Crue Breakup Bombshell


Motley Crue frontman Nikki Sixx recently had an interaction with a fan who asked if the band will return to South America in 2023. Sixx replied and gave a little more information about the band’s plans.

Nikki Sixx is eyeing to celebrate 50 years of Motley Crue

Sixx assured the fan that they will return to South America next year as well and has no plans to stop the band.

He replied:

“Always. We have no plans of stopping now. We’re having too grand of a time and in a short 8 years we will celebrate 50 years together as a band.”

Rumors recently emerged that John 5 might be eyeing to replace Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars. The band has officially recruited John 5 following Mick Mars’s decision to no longer tour with the band. Eddie Trunk has now sent a message to Mars and wished him the best for his future.

“Wishing the best to @mrmickmars. A great guy and super underrated guitarist. Mick seemed to be very conflicted about @MotleyCrue breaking their no more tours deal. So not surprising as they go forward he can’t do it given his health. All the best Mick!”

Rumors had been floating around that John 5 may now be involved in the upcoming Motley Crue tours going forward. John 5 assisted in songwriting on The Dirt soundtrack and stated in an interview that Nikki Sixx is one of his best friends. Adding to the equation that Mick Mars is nearly 72 years old with some health conditions, this rumor seems to be a rumor that may turn out to be true. Mick has been the only Motley Crue guitarist, but Father Time takes over everyone at some point.