Ozzy Osbourne Wife Makes Sad Disease Revelation


 Ozzy Osbourne‘s beloved wife Sharon Osbourne had Shannen Doherty of hit 1990’s teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 fame on Sharon’s hit daytime talk show “The Talk” to discuss Doherty’s battle with cancer. This Ozzy Osbourne creepy bar video was revealed by a big name.  Doherty was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015. However, her cancer has been in remission since April of 2017. Ozzy Osbourne chugged a beer in a recently resurfaced backstage photo. You can view the exchange of Osbourne and Doherty and the tweet that The Talk sent out promoting the show below.

The Talk
Shannen Doherty (@DohertyShannen
) opens up about her cancer journey with an audience full of cancer fighters and survivors in celebration of @MrsSOsbourne
’s birthday. “

Sharon Osbourne: Thank you for being here on a very special day for us all. The audience is filled with cancer survivors.

[The audience cheers and applauds]

Osbourne: We haven’t seen you since your diagnosis in 2015. So, okay, tell us everything, how have you been doing?

Shannen Doherty: I’ve been doing well! You know, I mean, I think it’s such a beautiful journey. It’s really tough but you learn so much about yourself and it breaks down all of those walls and the barriers that you had to protect yourself. You love bigger, you embrace harder and everything is a bit more heightened. Granted, not everybody has that experience but I think the majority of us do. I’m looking at you beautiful women out there and you’re agreeing and nodding so I know that you do too. So, it’s hell but It’s also something to be thankful for. [Both] in the fight and in the process. Ozzy Osbourne was seen partying with his wife in a new video.