Paul Stanley Brutally Throws Guitar At KISS Fans


During the most recent KISS Kruise is Miami, Florida it was documented how band members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons threw their guitars into the crowd after an acoustic set. This in turn apparently caused quite the scuffle. Gene Simmons shown kicking dressing room door in a shocking video.

Paul Stanley recently revealed this horrible threat to quit KISS. As KissFAQ member RScott71 explained: “At the end of the acoustic show, gene threw his bass into the audience, and paul threw his guitar. One single person caught Paul’s guitar, but Gene’s bass caused one hell of a fight. In the end security and sixth-man guys got involved and I think nobody got the bass guitar. Some Kruisers are wacked [out].”

Fans on the board commented in amazement and wonderment over the development. Muddfoot posted: “The KISS Kruise is easy to enjoy. We watched every pool deck show from the comfort of a bar stool in the corner. We didn’t stalk around in the mobs looking for autographs – but funny they seem to know where to hang out – most bands had a signing anyway (if that’s what you were after). As far as the guitars being thrown…I guess that would happen at about any concert ever. Perhaps a raffle would work, not like they don’t know who’s onboard!?”

Gene Simmons revealed a creepy backside photo of his wife recently. WI KISSfan responded: “Wow, surprised they would be irresponsible enough to do that knowing what would probably happen. Pick someone to give the instrument to, but let someone on staff take it and work out with the person how to ship it or store it or something. Too many weirdos in any crowd to expect you would just walk away with it with no problems.”