Greta Van Fleet ‘Chaotic’ Hotel Drinking Video Leaks


Greta Van Fleet drinking in a chaotic video that looks like it’s in a hotel, though it could be a home, was revealed by a fan account on social media. Greta Van Fleet look like they know how to have a fun time! Greta Van Fleet had a surprising drummer play at a recent show.

sammy__gvf posted, “This video is so chaotic😂. The way Jake just comes up to Sam with that phone, takes his picture and just backs away and I don’t even know WTF is Josh is doing.”

A hilarious Greta Van Fleet facial hair photo was recently revealed. Greta Van Fleet released a new song called “Always There” earlier this week, and fans are weighing in on Reddit.

ec_2727 said, “I haven’t had time really to look into the music too closely, but it’s easy to feel how uplifting it is. I’d assume it’s a straight up major scale, I IV progression. I think they thrive with those kinds of sounds vs. the darker minor modes. That said, I can’t find any piece of music they’ve made that I dislike but I would say the happier stuff sounds very soulful and real!!”

ava_in_bookland wrote, “I’m still crying over it. Josh’s voice sounds like the audio equivalent of a tight hug in that song, the kind you give someone when they’re crying

I think my favorite has to be Safari Song though, the whole reason I got into the band was because I was on the hunt for the group who made that song.”

GreenPhoennix chimed in, “It’s a really great feel-good song! I definitely enjoy it. Doesn’t beat Brave New World, Age of Man, the New Day or anything but I still love it :)”

2nataco commented, “Good song but edge of darkness an about 5 others better. But definitely on my play list.” catherded added, “Exactly, this song has been in my head, but it’s so poorly mixed. Black smoke, curtain falls, and your the one have to be higher. Then you got flower power, and lover, leaver, then others. This song is good, but not top 6.”