Paul Stanley Makes ‘Quitting’ KISS Announcement


KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently gave an interview with Daily Progress about the group’s highly anticipated ‘End of the Road’ tour and reconfirmed that this is really the last stop for ‘the hottest band in the land. Stanley told the outlet: “This is our last tour, and there’s nothing morose or sad about it. It really is a victory lap. It is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished as a band and what the fans have accomplished. It’s a validation of everything we’ve ever done. The sense of camaraderie between the band and the fans is as good as it gets.” Paul Stanley ‘goes after’ rude KISS fan before show.

Stanley later continued saying: “I have to say our band really has a feeling towards each other that makes the band stronger and more committed to what we do than ever before. Also commenting on the state of his voice and overall being the man known as ‘Starchild’ exclaimed: “I’m feeling great, and the shows are terrific,”

However, Stanley already made a note for his post-KISS plans saying: “I can walk and chew gum at the same time. Life is short, but you can really cram a lot into it if you try.”

Paul Stanley calls out ‘overweight’ KISS icon photo. In other news regarding Paul Stanley and KISS, fans took to the KISSFaq fan forum to discuss the alleged claim that Stanley sung better in the 1980s vs the 1970s. Fellow forum user Mother Mercury wrote: “This is something I’ve often wondered about. Whether you love or loathe his 80’s voice isn’t really the point – there’s no doubt his range vastly improved around the start of the decade, though the same might be said for Gene as well. Metal was becoming big, and all the singers were hitting big money notes (Steve Perry, Rob Halford, Klaus Meine, Bruce Dickinson, etc, etc), so I think they thought it was time to up their game.”

The user concluded: “My guess is they both had vocal coaching by a showbiz pro in LA around the turn of the decade. Remember the circles’ Gene was mixing in around this time, Cher and Diana Ross would both have been working with pro coaches. As far as I know, he’s never discussed it, but then why would he? He’s probably too proud to bring that kind of thing into the open.” You can read the full interview at TheDailyProgress .