Paul Stanley ‘Goes After’ Rude KISS Fan Before Show


Paul Stanley is certainly and surely going to be upset as well! In astonishing KISS news, one superfan of the ‘hottest band in the land’ recently informed ‘Demon’ bassist of KISS Gene Simmons that someone is selling counterfeit band merchandise and profiting off of the KISS name. Paul Stanley calls out ‘overweight’ KISS icon photo.

The fan tweeted: “Someone is selling shirts with your face making it look like you’re selling them. On Facebook Picture attached. Here is the website. Hoping to win tickets to your Grand Forks ND show Feb 28. Thank you for what you do for us veterans.”

To which Simmons responded that he and Paul will be going after the disrespectful fan: “Thanks. We’re on it. We know where this guy lives!”

In other headlines regarding Paul Stanley, one fellow fan of the KISS singer took to the KISSFaq fan forum to lavish praise upon Stanley and give his thoughts on a recent End of the Road tour date. The user said: “I wanted to post my thoughts after the show last night. There’s plenty of negativity in the other threads, I’d appreciate it if it doesn’t surface in this one. As a KISS fan of the 1980s, Paul is what got me into the band. It’s no secret that he did much of the heavy lifting throughout the decade. It was mostly Paul songs that comprised the soundtrack of my youth. After seeing them live the first time. I was blown away. He sounded better than the 70s live stuff and was great well into the 1990s. Paul Stanley microphone ‘turned off’ at KISS show.

The user continued: “Last night I felt like I did seeing Larry Bird at the end of his run. A guy that brought me so much as a kid, gave it his all, but Father Time catches up with all of us. I didn’t see David Lee Roth doing any jumping leg kicks, nor did I expect him to. It was hard seeing Paul struggling with shouting out ‘Manchestah!’ to the crowd. Ultimately, I just soaked it all in, appreciating one last night with one of my childhood heroes. He gave KISS fans everything he had for a long, long time. So, thank you, Paul, for the music and the memories. Thanks for letting me share one last show with my kid. Thanks for the memory of her putting her arm around me and giving me a big hug at the end of Rock n Roll All Nite, knowing it was a bittersweet moment as my final concert came to an end. I’ll never forget it, or the happiness you brought to me over the years. Paul Stanley KISS ‘drug meltdown’ rant leaks.