Paul Stanley ‘Sickness’ Revealed In Sad KISS Photo


We recently reported that Paul Stanley had to cancel a some KISS tour dates due to influenza. In a follow-up to that same story, a fan on the KISSFaq fan forum posted this very suspect photo of the KISS frontman in the studio along with a gentleman by the name of Alex Alessandroni Jr. Paul Stanley recently revealed if he’s ‘finished’ With KISS.

The fan, going by the user name Mr. Slow stated that “I guess I just imagined a bedridden Paul earlier this, not someone hanging out in the studio.”

The user would then deduce the following on why this picture could have come to fruition: “Earlier this week makes it Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th maybe. On Monday the dates were changed. They moved Perth to the end of the tour and canceled and see to try and allow time for Paul to get better. Then Thursday the tour was canceled.” Ace Frehley recently revealed If KISS’ Paul Stanley is lip-syncing.

The user continued: “It’s possible that Paul wasn’t feeling well here and only got worse in the 48 hours after, forcing the entire tour to be canceled. It’s also possible he jeopardized the whole tour by not resting when he should have been. Remember the doctor’s orders were for rest. And another scenario again is that this was actually taken on Thursday and when Alex Alphabet realized what had happened he tried to cover it up. Why post it like it’s happening that day if it isn’t?”

The user concluded: “As somebody who had tickets to two shows, I don’t want to believe any of these scenarios but realistically it has to be one of them!” KISS confirmed first performance without Paul Stanley not too long ago.

  • The Shocker

    Like all wealthy, famous individuals, they do what they want, how they want to do it, and pretty much whenever they feel like it.

  • Robert Bentley

    I could really care less. What goes on in my own life is a lot more important to me than what the hell is going on in theirs. People need to get a damn life and get their noses out of the asses of these people…really,they do. There’s a much bigger picture in life than what the hell some damn kiss member are for lunch!!!!!!!! And there are people who are a lot more important!

  • Bill Evans

    I am 56 years old. I saw KISS in concert in 1977 when I was 14. I am not surprised that Paul Stanley would have problems keeping tour dates. Sorry for those who missed out, but come on. What do you want from a 67 year old?!

  • Big Hairy Testicles

    My guess is the last copy of the pre-recorded vocals went missing. No Paul until they’ve made a few copies and locked them safely in the KISS Vault.

  • Derek Smith

    Get rid of him, he’s been in Kiss long enough. Get a different singer and add Bruce Kulick as a second guitarist and have a 5 man Kiss army.

  • Timothy Jenkins

    Paul doesn’t have the flu he’s losing his voice. Paul is too proud or thinks the crowd is too stupid to know what’s going on either way kiss needs to end