Rage Against The Machine Icon Huge Money Demand Leaks


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has revealed that he wants fans to pay money for limited edition prints to help raise money for MusiCorps.

“@MusiCorps is a great organization. To help raise money for their mission I teamed up with @Soundwaves_Art to hand-sign these limited-edition prints created from the audio recordings of ‘Bulls on Parade’ and ‘Like a Stone.’ Check it out at the link in stories.”

Rage Against The Machine are set for a 2020 reunion tour, and an elaborate prank fooled many a few days ago, as a fake poster was created with untrue tour dates.

boredasfaq posted, “Those dates didn’t exactly make sense. I don’t see them doing an extensive, world-wide tour like this. This reunion seems to be focused on the U.S. elections and there were barely any U.S. dates on there. My guess is that we will see more U.S. festivals and dates, and maybe some international dates sprinkled in.”

DestroyerMaker wrote, “‘So, the insta was shopped, the poster isn’t anything amazing but the Insta really sells it. I just changed the post count and time stamp of it haha As far as why [I did it], I mean, I love a good troll hey. Plus how sick would it be if Rage did get their ass down here, and Splendour doesn’t seem too far out of the realm of possibility. Especially as it’s their 20th year.’ Exactly what I’d expect someone who did this to sound like. What a colossal douche.”

Greenjulius86 said, “Thank you for this public service announcement. I’m a little pissed off at the troll who created it, because I saw Chicago and got excited. I’m guessing Lolla will get them, but Riot Fest would have been… interesting, but likely a bit overwhelmed.”

Mr_Diggums responded, “Man…if they played Lolla now it would be kind of a bummer. I dunno, I know they played there in ’08 (I was there), but now it just seems like a bad venue for it. Lolla has changed A LOT since then.

Then again, getting the kiddos exposed to some Rage might not be a bad thing, and if they can’t handle it, all the more space for me 🙂 Riot Fest or a standalone show would be much much better.” A Rage Against The Machine member’s famous girlfriend made a claim about ‘imminent’ tour dates last week.