Scott Weiland Bandmate Reveals Terrible Royalty Payment


Former Scott Weiland producer and collaborator – Doug Grean took to social media via his official Facebook recently for a master blaster of a rant about a bad payment from Warner Brothers. Grean recently got a check in the mail from Warners, and it was a royalty check from the major record company. This check was to pay out a royalty for the last song he wrote with the late Stone Temple Pilots frontman. Scott Weiland’s ‘canceled’ Billy Corgan album was recently revealed.

As Grean explains, it wasn’t a ‘beautiful day’ when he got the check, but instead his reaction after he got the check led him to a state of ‘blind confusion’ when he saw what was on it.

Got my royalty statement from Warner Bro’s Today. This is for the last song I wrote and released with Scott Weiland. I bet you thought writing songs with a rockstar would be lucrative? Nope. 0.14 cents. Hurrah for me. Seriously if you’re wanting to go into the music business – don’t. Save yourself before it’s too late. Don’t mean to be a whiner but this shit is ridiculous. It came in a big envelope and it took up 8 pages. Just so when you get to the end of the statement. You’re totally depressed –

You can check out Grean’s new series ‘Starman’ on YouTube. Scott Weiland’s widow recently sold his Velvet Revolver hats for thousands of dollars. In other news regarding Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots with the holiday season all around us, fans of this legendary group took to social media to quickly review the latest offering for the Stone Temple Pilots fan in your life this season – The Super Deluxe Edition of Purple.  This  3-CD/1-LP set that includes a newly remastered version of the original studio album on both CD and vinyl, plus unreleased versions of album tracks and rarities, along with an unreleased full concert recording from 1994.

One reviewer wrote: “I purchased the Deluxe version with the 2 CDs. Very happy with this purchase. Purple is my favorite cd from the 90s and they did an excellent job remastering it. The packaging is very similar to some of the Fleetwood Mac remastering CDs (Mirage and Tango In The Night). I love that the kept the inside booklet the same as the original with it being in handwriting (mistakes and all). I think they did everything right with this one.” In other Scott Weiland news, his daughter recently called out his widow.