Smashing Pumpkins Snubbed By Rock Hall of Fame


Smashing Pumpkins fans pointed out on Reddit that the band have now been snubbed for 5 years from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, after Foo Fighters and other nominees for 2021 were revealed.

BlankPage22 posted, “I know I should let it go but another year, another RNR Hall of Fame snub.. Eligible since 2016 never even nominated.”

TheChocolateMelted responded, “Do you seriously think Smashing Pumpkins are as representative of rock and roll as Madonna, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston? Come on now!”

Gishingwell said, “Personally I found the snub in the Chicago episode of Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways project more infuriating. Not even a cursory mention as one of the biggest bands to ever emerge from that City. Awful.

As for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s to music accolades, what Rolling Stone is to music reviews, culturally outdated and irrevelant but yet somehow still around patting itself on the back.”

Krata666 wrote, “I agree with the Sonic Highways. It was really disrespectful despite the beef between Nirvana and Pumpkins. I was disappointed.”

Not_trent_reznor_ chimed in, “Had Billy not dragged SP’s name through the mud since 2007, they’d have already been in. You can blame shit like Cyr and sycophants like fans in this subreddit on that. You’ve encouraged Billy to produce trash and treat his fans as such.”

MajorasMask3DPug added, “I remember being upset that they weren’t in, and then you learn how political and full of shit the whole thing really is and then you realize it’s more of a compliment that those people don’t accept you, same with the Grammys or anything is that gives out awards, since the very idea of rewards is the complete opposite of what rock was about.”

K0stil said, “What? They deserve rrhof no matter how many shitty albums they made after the original input. Do you know any bands that not only had an original lineup but also released music liked by everyone for 25 years straight? I don’t. RRHOF has nothing to do with “bad output after classic years”. Every single band has a decline. I also fail to understand why James, Billy and Jimmy + Melissa is TRUE PUMPKINS but James Billy and Jimmy + Jack and Jeff are NOT TRUE PUMPKINS.” Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots have also been snubbed.