Steven Tyler Charges Fans Huge Money For Photos


Aerosmith fans are certainly cryin‘ after it was revealed what VIPs will be paying during the group’s European tour in 2020. On the group’s unofficial fan forum, Aeroforce, one member SlashIsEnglish explained how not only are the prices keeping the ‘real fans’ away but what their experience was. Steven Tyler’s daughter reveals huge ‘gut’ photo.

The user stated: “That’s a shame how real fans are priced out. Rock N Roll shouldn’t be that way. You might want to consider Krakow. Poland is relatively cheap. Hotels aren’t badly priced and I’ve seen flights for around £20 each way from London. Hopefully, you could find the same. I hope the European ticketing doesn’t end up like the USA. People go to shows to eat, drink, chat, text and sit down. I’ve seen some awful American crowds. No offense to the hardcore.”

“For Manchester VIP With Tyler and Perry £1209.60. With Brad and Tom £415.35. No mention of Joey. They include tickets as it has standing or seat options And early entry standing is £186.10.”

This Aerosmith embarrassing ‘small crowd’ at show was revealed a couple of days ago. To which one other user responded: “Was looking at Krakow but the timing doesn’t work very well for me… I’m already out the weekend of the Manchester gig for Ramblin’ Man, so have time off work for that, can’t afford to be off work too long! Golden Circle tickets for London are £150 each. I have O2 Priority (and that may also be a way to get into the venue early too, for better barrier access) so I will have to see if I can get some of those at 830am tomorrow!”

Leaving the forum user to respond with: “I got Krakow for about £80 and I paid the £150 for London. £130 FACE value! Charges and postage to £152.75. Manchester are slightly cheaper £125 face” This Steven Tyler new ‘drug treatment’ was unveiled not too long ago.