Gene Simmons Wife ‘Moving’ Revealed In Photo


In Gene Simmons family news, we reported last month that Simmons’ engaging and alluring wife, Shannon Tweed Simmons was in the process of building her dream house in Whistler, Ontario, Canada. In a follow-up to that story, the significant other of the Kiss rocker recently took to social media via Twitter to proclaim this progress report regarding their new home.

Tweed-Simmons wrote: “Partially moved into my new house in Whistler incredible, beautiful, peaceful. Thank you Paul Suter Custom Homes! Thank you to All-Time Movers and Tarry Tweed.”

Gene Simmons was recently spotted with this young A-List actress. The famous Kiss wife then had time to answer some questions that came from some friendly Kiss superfans who were wondering about how things were going and the overall progress. One fan on Twitter wanted to know if Gene moved into the enchanting dwelling yet. To which Shannon responded: “He’s allowed to visit my house whenever he wants. But mostly I think the kids and I will spend our time off here. It’s hard to keep Gene from working even though he doesn’t need to I think he feels productive and relevant but uncomfortable when he’s ‘vacationing’.”

While another fan asked if Tweed-Simmons was going leave Los Angeles permanently with this new home being built. To which she responded: “No but I’d like to! Haha! This one is mine!

In other news revolving Gene Simmons fans recently took to KISSFaq to discuss which one of Gene’s tracks during the ‘unmasked years’ sounded the most ‘demon-like’ in a new topic within the fan forum.

Tail of a Hurricane wrote: “First up, “Take it off” is a great book. I liked it most for how [Greg] Prato introduced each album and gave his own spin on them. What intrigued me most was the “Lick it up” section, and it took me this long to agree with what he said about it. He stated that Gene still sounded like Gene in makeup on the album, he still sounded like the demon. You could actually imagine Gene in his full regalia singing “Not for the innocent ” and “Young and wasted”. That never dawned on me until I read it, but he is so right. He never had the “demon” attitude/sound again until “Revenge”. “Unholy ” had it too, “Thou shalt not” aswell. I couldn’t hear any “demon” stuff on “Animalize” through to “H.I.T.S”. “Crazy nights” actually had Gene singing very melodic, almost an AOR [album-oriented rock] register.  I guess if there is any song close to what I’m describing between “Lick it up” and “Revenge” I’d pick- ‘While the City Sleeps’, ‘Anyway You Slice It’ and ‘Theif in the Night’. Gene Simmons recently unloaded on ‘jealous’ haters in photo.