Steven Tyler Daughter Gets Wet In Tight Swimsuit Photo


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler‘s daughter Liv Tyler recently posted a video of her at a waterpark on her Instagram account. “Sooo fun!” said Kate Upton. “Best mom💗” Michelle Pfeiffer commented.

In other news revolving Aerosmith and Steven Tyler,  fans recently took to the band’s Facebook page to react to the announcement of a slew of European tour dates. Steven Tyler ‘forced’ into rehab by this Aerosmith member.

Steffi wrote: “I would give almost anything to go to a show, #1 on my bucket list! I’ve been waiting patiently, (for 3 years now), for the Bad Boys to tour the US. I just hope I can afford tickets when they finally come… Not everyone can afford $1,000 just for nosebleed seats. Maybe if I can sell a kidney… I know Aerosmith is the Greatest Band of All Time, but I wish they’d do some shows for the fans who aren’t millionaires.” 

Steven Tyler reveals drug ‘worse’ than heroin. Whereas Rob said: “£148 for a seating ticket is too much for watching one band. If it was an all-day event with lots of bands, fair enough, but I cannot warrant spending this much on one band. I love Aerosmith and have seen them a few times back in the ’90s when tickets were £20-£30, however, there’s a limit I’m willing to pay even if they are my favorite band. Already lined up to see Alter Bridge and Queen at 02 for half the cost.”

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