Ace Frehley Reveals ‘Price’ To Play Final KISS Show


Legendary KISS member Ace Frehley revealed to rock and metal journalist Eddie Trunk revealed what it would take for him to play on the KISS ‘End of the Road Tour’. As fellow KISS fan on the KISSFAQ forums named OHKISSFAN wrote about the iconic KISS member’s stipulation. Gene Simmons’s daughter recently stunned her dad with this revealing outfit.

In regards to The last show announced in NY:‬
‪”I don’t see myself coming back for just one show….Maybe the last year (of the Tour)…it’s something that I would entertain for the right price…”‬

In other KISS related news, fans took to social media to reflect on KISS’ impact album ‘Destroyer’ and it’s legacy. As reviewer, Brian Crain noted: “KISS made some okay albums throughout the ’70s into the ’80s! For me, it’s the KISS-Kiss album and KISS-Hotter Than Hell album… KISS-Destroyer is a great album! The production is over the top! Bob Ezrin is a genius! Just about everything he touches turns to gold! Alice Cooper ruled in 1971 with Killer and Love It To Death! Bob Ezrin was the genius who put Alice and the band there! KISS! had a massive hit with Destroyer! I had been listening to KISS since the 5th grade in the mid-70s! When Destroyer came out it seemed like everyone all of the sudden was a KISS fan! Crazy!” Paul Stanley’s son recently reveals if he hates Ace Frehley.

Whereas Dave O. wrote: “Bob Ezrin’s revisit to this album is a most welcome surprise. The new equalization makes the drums and the cymbals sound crystal clear. Vocals in the 70’s, especially KISS’s first three albums always sounded muddy to me. The re-equalized version really brings out the voices in a way that KISS wouldn’t figure out until the post make up days. It also, for myself, resolves the feud of why they used Dick Wagner’s solo instead of Ace’s on Sweet Pain (I’d always heard it was Flaming Youth). I’m a humongous Ace Frehley fan, but I’ve got to give props to Wagner’s solo. Ace’s to me sounds half-assed at best and Wagners fits the song perfectly.” KISS Icon Ace Frehley was stunned not too long ago by pathetic ticket sales.