Taylor Momsen ‘Bends Over’ In Elevator Photo


If there is anyone that knows how to take a selfie it’s the tantalizing singer of the Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen. Momsen. Here, Momsen can be seductively bending over in an elevator in this newly uploaded photo. You can view it below. Taylor Momsen ‘bends over’ in tiny skirt photo.

In other news regarding Taylor Momsen, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of Momsen and company’s most beloved albums in ‘Light Me Up’. One fan put: ” Is it just me or does it seem like the best rock these days seems to be coming out from a list of hot female rockers? Such as Grace Potter, Orianthe, Lizzy Hale, Pink etc… and of course Taylor Momsen. What’s up with that? Com’on guys they’re making us look bad. These chicks get it and the dudes either suck or have no idea what really great rock is supposed to sound like. We really do need to have a Rock and Roll revival. Oh that’s right I’m sorry this is supposed to be about Pretty Reckless so I’ll stop preaching now lol. Well Taylor is strong, sexy and vulnerable on this one and really shows her rock and roll depth and isn’t afraid to show or flaunt it. With all the crap that’s come out over the last couple of decades, it’s nice to see at least the chicks still get it.” Taylor Momsen shows off abs in lingerie photo.

While another said: ” Okay, I admit it. I liked Gossip Girl. When I found out that little Jenny on there had a rock band in real life, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought I would check it out. I was expecting it to be a tad cheesy at first, but I was majorly surprised. Taylor has an AMAZING voice and the band rocks much harder than I expected it too. Just like you would expect a rock band to be, some of these songs are a bit controversial. There is honestly not a song on here that I didn’t like though. I find myself listening to this again and again, and my husband sheepishly admits that he really enjoys it also. If you like bands like Halestorm, Cherry Bomb, Paramore, In This Moment, or some of Avril’s older rock hits, you would probably really enjoy this.” Taylor Momsen ‘dirty’ lingerie photo revealed.