Tool Member ‘Trashes’ Studio, Is It Maynard James Keenan?


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan has posted a new video on his Puscifer social media account where he littered the studio with candy, writing, “Like Bread Crumbs but with Chocolates. @carinaround found her way back. @matmitchell #puscifer2021.” A new Tool and System of a Down supergroup was recently revealed.

Cobrasloth64 posted, “Do you guys listen to individual songs or entire albums? I was wondering how many of you guys listen to individual songs on each album or you just have to listen to an entire album? I know everyone doesn’t have enough time in the world but for me, I can listen to Undertow in pieces but I can’t listen to Lateralus and now, Fear Inoculum unless they’re in their entirety.

Now I have OCD so that might be a factor but I’m starting to want to just listen to individual songs on those albums. So again, how many of you guys listen to individual songs or do you just have to listen to the entire album??”

Les_Insufferables responded, “Lately I’ve been listening to songs in clumps. Parabol/Parabola, Lateralus thru Triad, Wings/10K Days, Blame Hoffman thru Right in Two, Fear Inoculum thru Descending. With Aenima and previous albums, and songs not mentioned in the clumps, I either do the full album or mix them up into some massive shuffle playlist that will take me a week to get through. I also have a ‘Toolpocalypse’ playlist containing the ‘prophecy’ of Tool, and one that is just all my favorite tool songs in one click.”

AnneLindy said, “I have a few TOOL playlists made and play them based on how I’m feeling, but I do listen to albums too. Usually when I’m doing worky stuff and it’s always a pleasant surprise to hear the stuff that not on the playlists.” A tragedy occurring before Tool’s 2020 tour was just detailed.