Eddie Van Halen Wife Makes Quitting Announcement


Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie has been dealing with a bad injury recently, and in the wake of it, she has posted that she will refuse to quit, especially her love of dancing. She wrote, “If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.” A Van Halen icon revealed what he did with lesbians a few days ago.

A fan named Diane asked Janie, “How are you getting along with that shoulder?”

Janie responded, “Dealing with it the best I can. #itstillhurts.”

Eddie Van Halen making an emotional Michael Jackson claim was revealed earlier this week. Van Halen have been on hiatus since 2015, and this has led to fans on VHLinks.com wondering about some of their career decisions and their place in the music business. LegoMan wrote, “I just finished watching Some Kind of Monster again, some 14 years (?) after seeing it for the first time. I’ve never really been a Metallica fan (I don’t own a single album) but I like watching music-related documentaries and this one is great. I was reminded how MASSIVE the band is in the last ten minutes when you’re shown them playing at the Giants stadium, etc. and it got me thinking: how was it that Metallica managed to completely overtake VH, despite them being an opening act on the Monsters of Rock tour in ‘88?

Yes, VH managed to survive grunge and continue to play arenas and sheds in North America when other ‘80s bands died off but why was it that they didn’t become ‘more’? Despite Sammy’s frequent claims about them being ‘the biggest band in the world’, and accepting that they WERE successful with their four #1 albums, yadda yadda yadda, how can it be that a band that were so uncommercial, intentionally so, as Metallica could then become so, soooo much bigger than an American Institution like VH? Was it really about the music? Did VH’s line-up change in ‘85 make all the difference? Is the majority-male Metallica audience significant, i.e. are male music fans less fickle and more likely to be in it for life?

Perhaps it’s all of the above and perhaps it’s none? It’s questions like this, after being such a big VH fan for over 30 years, that have been rattling around in my head in various forms over the years. Is it important that I get the answers I’m looking for? Not really. I’m just interested in hearing others’ ideas and opinions on the matter.” A Van Halen icon recently revealed who is ‘highest paid.’