Tool Savagely Call Out ‘Annoying’ Maynard James Keenan


Tool bassist Justin Chancellor discussed writing the new Tool album Fear Inoculum with Maynard James Keenan, and how he ‘annoyed’ them to get into the studio. A Tool member recently made a brutal Michael Jackson claim.

Visions magazine asked Chancellor, “At some point you four stand in a room and play music?”

Chancellor responded, “Yeah, this time it was about two years ago. What a long time. We played together for about two weeks. Then and there we decided which pieces to record.

Additionally we kept one or two things open, as we always do, to spontaneously build something out of it, together. After those two weeks we did the fine tuning and the definite song endings – for a year. During that time Maynard annoyed us to no end *laughs* he really wanted to go in the studio!”

Tool fans recently discussed plans for a European ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour on Reddit. Maynard James Keenan recently revealed Tool recording ‘frustration.’

DrG0Nz086 posted, “I was really hoping we’d at least have a schedule for when the tickets might go up for presale. But…nothing. the U.S tour went up WEEKS ago.

Really hoping they come to Scotland. Was amazing going to Amsterdam to see em but nothing like them coming to your door step.”

xlucretiax said, “In one of the recent podcasts, I can’t remember if Adam’s or Danny’s, anyways, they said something like this: a lot of artists like to go really big with their tour plans even before releasing the album, and sometimes the are forced to scale down because there isn’t enough money as they thought there would be.

tours are very expensive, especially tool shows, so they like to keep it safe. (at that time the album wasn’t out yet -) they will get the album out, see how it goes, make tour plans afterwards because they are apparently working on a very cool show. (I think it was Adam saying this).

so, if I remember well about all this, it totally makes sense that they announced a bunch of US dates when the record came out, and will keep working and planning for the rest.” A Tool member recently revealed if his wife hated Fear Inoculum.