Eddie Vedder Joins Alice In Chains At Massive Show


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and his family attended a recent Elton John concert in Tacoma, Washington with Alice In Chains members Jerry Cantrell, William DuVall, and Sean Kinney. A Pearl Jam member made a television appearance a couple of days ago and revealed bad new album news.

Franklin Delano Bluth said on the Ten Club boards, “One of the band members was on TV and was basically begging to be doing something with Pearl Jam and people are debating posters?

He flat out said, I don’t know what we’re doing and that he wants to be doing that very badly.

i agree with what was said before, either he wanted to spill the beans about the record being done and ready to release, or trying really hard not to say that some others in the band are not that interested.”

While Pearl Jam won’t confirm touring plans, there are rumors of a stadium tour next year, and fans are divided.

Lerxst1992 posted, “Talk about stadium tours, Green Day on sale for next summer $300-600 for field. Lower level $200 and best uppers start at $180. Lower in a stadium is not exactly close to the stage. $20 per ticket premium for any seat within 4 from aisle

I know it includes Weezer and FOB, but I think they’re naming this tour the Hella Mega Guts Tour? I guess Green Day is as big as a draw as the top bands but am a bit surprised. Any non airline level seat is over $200 and the best seats double or triple that. I’d rather see them charge close to FMV but…wow.

1ThoughtKnown Calgary chimed in “I would like to point out that the internet has made most artists music available for free. Therefore to support themselves and all the people who work for them they are getting creative as touring is where the money is. Pay extra for an aisle seat reminds me of paying extra
to choose aisle/window on a flight.

You may not like it, but this is what the music industry has become/is becoming. And Pearl Jam tickets have increased quite a bit since the 2013 tour. I empathize with the bands and promoters in this instance. The bands want their money and the promoters must turn a profit. I wouldn’t pay that to see Green Day, mostly because I’m really not a fan. They are ok, but they aren’t NOFX.” Howard Stern savagely called out an Eddie Vedder ripoff a few days ago.