Tool Say ‘Goodbye’ To Fans, Is 2020 Final Tour?


Tool fans recently wondered if the lengthy onstage goodbyes on the 2020 Fear Inoculum tour means it could be the band’s final lengthy tour. Rage Against The Machine recently leaked a sad Maynard James Keenan photo.

Deadhorse666 posted on Reddit, “Tool farewell? Recently saw tool, and it was fantastic as expected. It did feel a little like a farewell, the way they stood silently for a few minutes gazing at us freaks. They didn’t want to leave the stage it seemed, and when they lingered for awhile, it felt like a victory lap. Could this be the end for them?”

Detailsofourending added, “I think they love it too much to retire while they’re still killing it. Also, a lot of money to be made. That said, after Neil Peart’s death, I am treating every Tool show like it will be my last Tool show.”

Whowatchesthewampas wrote, “I don’t want it to be true, but maybe it is. I always thought after the big lull between 10k Days and Fear Inoculum that if they release another album it’d probably be the last one. I know Danny has said that they still have a ton of content, but at this point in all their lives given their ages and the fact that they all have families and kids I wouldn’t be surprised to see that FI is it. Only Tool knows.”

Avalonfogdweller said, “They’ve (minus Maynard) been spending time at the end of shows soaking up the love for quite a few years now, one thing on this tour I love is how just before the intermission they all stand motionless for a minute or so while the lights go down.” A Tool member’s wife recently posted a nice swimsuit photo.