Ozzy Osbourne ‘Heartbreaking’ News Revealed By Sister


Ozzy Osbourne‘s lovely wife Sharon Osbourne let it all out in a new interview.  Ozzy Osbourne and his wife being rejected by a big name was recently revealed. Speaking with The UK tabloid The Sun discussed a wide variety of topics, including the rise of anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom’s Labour party, led under Jeremy Corbyn. Ozzy Osbourne’s family was brutally disrespected at restaurant. Here she discusses how her husband originally tried to convince her to not do their wildly successful reality show, The Osbournes. The reality show aired from 2002 to 2005. As Osbourne explains, Ozzy had hesitations because he knew how painful she might it.  

“I was recording and I was saying, ‘It was so sad’. And he was going, ‘I told you, I told you not to do it’. But I’m glad I did it.” So having heard how pleased Sharon was, might we see Ozzy trace his bloodline, too? Sharon replies: “No, because Ozzy’s story is heartbreaking. “His sister, for one of Ozzy’s birthdays, went back and traced the family and it’s just one after the other, workhouse, workhouse, workhouse.”

In other news regarding Ozzy Osbourne, fans of the prince of darkness were reminiscing fondly on his Blizzard of Ozz tour which took place from September of 1980 to September of 1981.

Simon posted: “It just said on the news that red meat really isn’t that bad for you anymore but last year it was is it because it’s coming up to Christmas and everyone will want pigs in blankets with their roast dinners hmmm tbh I’m sick of doctors and the tv telling me what I can and can’t eat or whats good for me you only live bloody once enjoy it a day without bacon is like a day without sunshine”

Cort said: “Aug 29 1981. Morris Civic South Bend Indiana. No Crazy Train. Ozzy left halfway thru I Don’t Know. Came back and went into Believer. I have lots if pics from that show. Randy killed it as usual. The best!!!

John replied: ” I saw that Tour. It was Day on the Green on July 4th at the Oakland Coliseum. I was 16 and took Public Transportation 40 Miles each way to see it. It was well worth it. Ozzy also posted a creepy photo of himself bent over.

  • Jess

    I was interested in the headline but this article was confusing and poorly written. What did I just read? Not a good idea to post a couple paragraphs after smoking the sweet leaf. At least proof read lol

    • PeopleLackCommonSense

      was thinking exactly the same thing, I made it through the first paragraph before throwing in the “what the fuck are you on about?” towel. Even tried to read a few of the linked articles, they’re just as nonsensical.

  • Paul Noblin

    I think that the turkey will be thrown through the window pane on Thanksgiving by Ozzy if he reads this article. Once Ozzy shared with me the secret of philosopher’s stone. It had nothing to do with turkey at all. He described the stone as a blue rock with an exclamation point. When writing was invented, no one knew how to use it. The explanation point symbolized a pen. All anyone really knew was that if a person wrote and wrote, they became elevated to a near Ozzy-like trance. This phenomenon occurs in Rock & Roll lyricists today. Ozzy went on to explain that this is the hidden meaning of his famous Diary of a Mad Man album. He was just about to reveal his source when an Ozzy lightning bolt destroyed half the room. Hire a surgeon, a gynecologist, and a dentist. Vaginal Teeth Implants. Ozzy said that he was the joy of women, and promised to stop saving mankind, but rather just save the women. I immediately invested in Kagel classes. All was not lost. Ozzy maintained that the Mona Lisa smile portrayed a woman who kissed with her teeth clenched shut. Ozzy confided in me that men had a right and a left eye. They fly on a horizontal plane. Women, however, are wired so that one eye is above the other. They fly on a vertical plane. Men fly straight, while women fly in circles. Men do one thing at a time towards a goal. Women are better at multi-tasking. By the time a woman completes her circle, she has done many things at once. Women are in tune with their telepathy. God help a man who is surrounded by women. Most men secretly believe that women are Angels. Most women secretly believe that men are either horses or cars. Ozzy can sure talk turkey, but is lost in a world that hosts psychotic people while Ozzy can see through the mist. It is like being in a cave huddled next to a bright fire watching shadows on the cave wall while Ozzy stares at the cave entrance and observes a sunlit day. If Ozzy taught me just one thing it is to stop watching television and stop jumping at the sound of a bell like a dog. Ozzy prefers to behave like a rabbit who thinks about what he is going to do before he executes an option. I asked him about the turkey, but he forgot. He claimed to possess the ability to bend reality. If you align yourself with reality, reality will not be able to distinguish it from you. If you change one small thing, reality will mimic this alteration. Presto. Reality bends. Alternate Nation is not about it’s headlines. It is about the comment section.

    The Key to the Universe:
    Revelation One Nineteen
    Write down a brief account of your day, your problems that day, and a list of tasks to do the next day.
    ©1985 Paul Noblin

    If you place a fork atop a glass of cool water, you will experience the effect of the “object” that is displayed on Led Zeppelin’s “Presence” album. Ozzy asked me not to tell you, but there it is. If you are called “old school,” remember that they are probably “no school.” Rock & Roll must never die. I want to thank Ozzy.