Gene Simmons ‘Looks Like Woman’ In KISS Show Photo


In a new very snippet shared by ‘The Demon’ Gene Simmons, the KISS singer gave a tour of Jimi Hendrix’s acclaimed Electric Lady Studios – where KISS history was made as well. Here, during the snippet, Simmons has a run-in with a woman who jokingly muses that she will be his: “stand-in”. Alternative Nation transcribed Simmons’ words and exchange. Gene Simmons ‘gains muscle’ in new leaked photo.

Gene Simmons: So here we are at electric lady studios which is the house that Jimi Hendrix built. This actually brings back a lot of memories. We started here, KISS and even before that – Wicked Lester, oh, it must of been fifty years ago. It still basically looks the same. We recorded in this studio and this young lady is doing lighting because we are doing a documentary.

Young woman: I’m your stand-in.

Simmons: That’s right. Alas it still looks the same, amazing. There’s a control booth over there, Paul’s in there, everything is still here and so are we.

In other news relating to ‘the hottest band in the land’, fans took to the KISSfaq fan forum to discuss one of KISS’ most popular albums – ‘Psycho Circus’. Wichita77 stated: ” love it. Even when I found out it wasn’t by the originals I still really liked it. Clearly, they were trying to replicate the formula of Destroyer, and while they didn’t pull that off, it remains a favorite of mine. Contrary to popular opinion, one of my favorite songs is YWTB. I enjoyed the way they seemed to be jabbing each other in a song where they all shared lead vocals, letting us fans in on the joke. It was fun.” Gene Simmons reveals ‘skinny’ disease weight loss photo.

The user continued: “Psycho Circus, Within, Into the Void, Dreamin, Pledge, YWTB, and Journey are all up there in my favorites list. I skip over the other three songs… Pete’s in particular. That is a case where they should have spent whatever money it took to get the best songwriters to write him the greatest song they could possibly write. A solid ballad, maybe even a sequel to Beth, would have rounded this album out better for me. I give it a 7 out of 10.” Gene Simmons confirms stunning KISS replacement.