Kurt Cobain Widow Reveals Big Name LGBTQ Girlfriend


Kurt Cobain‘s widow Courtney Love had an LGBTQ partner for one night only on New Years Eve, smooching actress Christina Hendricks. They must have looked like on beautiful couple that night! Frances Bean Cobain recently revealed a beautiful Disney sweatshirt photo.

Love wrote on social media, “Happy new year London and like a ripe peach, my biggest crush , @actuallychristinahendricks was my New Years kiss, life doesn’t get much sweeter, 2020 the year we get revenge on the boys that make us cry 💋 🎉.”

Courtney Love also reacted to Cat Marnell praising her in Interview Magazine. Marnell said, “F***ing love Courtney Love. I’ve gotten to meet her. I’ve been to her house. I’ve just got to tell you, the first things you see is she was wearing this sheer blouse, like she was fucking Hedda Gabler from the Ibsen play.

And this long skirt and this high neck and ruffled Victorian blouse and no bra. And she had the most expensive looking hair I’ve ever seen. It looked like it cost a million dollars. Her skin is unbelievable. She looks f***ing expensive as fuck. Courtney Love is a class act. She’s one of our best brains, and she is a delight. She is in a class of iconic people. I can’t stand when anyone talks shit about her. How dare they?”

Love responded, “Wow.. #catmarnell .. errr . Can I have my blouse back? No way to know how one is ever perceived .. boggling .. my mind #interview mag..” Green Day recently revealed a painful Kurt Cobain cover.