Ringo Starr Leaks Heartbreaking Last John Lennon Photo


In news regarding both co-founders of the Beatles and iconic greats – the late John Lennon and the not-so-late Ringo Starr, the Twitter account TimeinMusic recently shared this rare photograph of John and Ringo. This photograph, which you can view below is the last known photograph together of the Beatles icons. Ringo Starr ‘sitting on lap’ of famous man revealed.

In other news regarding Ringo Starr, fans recently took to social media to discuss and revisit his 1973 solo album – Ringo. One fan wrote: “Not much was expected of Ringo when the Beatles broke up. Indeed, his first two solo albums showed an artist in search of a style and voice. Beacoups of Blues, his country album, was a fine tribute to his country music idols, but his best work would be featured on an album that reunited the Beatles…sort of. Ringo features some of Starr’s best solo and joint compositions. “Photograph”, written with George Harrison, was a top ten hit(as was the single “It don’t come easy” again, complete with the help of George. George contributed the lyrics and music for the third verse. George also acted as producer. This classic single is included as a bonus track) and easily as good as anything that Paul or George had released as singles to date. “Step lightly” and the disco-influenced “Oh my my” (written with Vini Poncia)both showed that Ringo, although certainly not on the same level as Paul, John or George as songwriters, had matured to become a very good tunesmith.”

Ringo Starr unloads on Paul McCartney ‘hatred’. The fan continued: “”I’m the greatest”, written by Lennon, features Klaus Voormann on bass. Voormann was the band’s pick to replace McCartney until Lennon decided to develop his solo career. McCartney co-wrote and appears on “Six O’clock” which, although melodically interesting, isn’t his most appealing melody. Additionally, the synthesizer solo played by Paul is distracting. “You’re Sixteen” is revamped for Ringo and, with the addition of the late Harry Nilson on backing vocals and McCartney on kazoo(!!) has a charming, campy quality. Harrison shows up again with the band for “Sunshine life for me” which allows Ringo to revisit his love of folk and country music. Harrison and Mal Evans co-wrote the concluding track which acts as an extended farewell to all of the guests on the album.”
Ringo Starr recently revealed why Paul McCartney ‘ended’ The Beatles. The fan concluded: “With a stellar cast of musicians(Lennon, Harrison, McCartney, Billy Preston, Jim Keltner, Harry Nillson, the Band), strong original songs and the added attraction of Richard Perry’s excellent production Ringo becomes a great Beatles solo album. Even if it came from the guy critics dubbed least likely to do well.”