AC/DC Icon Reveals If Brian Johnson Used Heroin


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson revealed if he used heroin or drugs after he hit it back with Back in Black in a new interview with Dan Rather. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Brian Johnson revealed if his hearing is permanently damaged yesterday.

Rather asked, “You said you didn’t go nuts, but did you go into whiskey or dope?”

Johnson responded, “No. I always wanted to buy Mom and Dad a house, that’s everybody’s dream, so that was cool. I got a big house, I got back together with my wife for the sake of the kids, because I thought the kids shouldn’t miss out on this. I just wanted to be a good provider for them and all that stuff, that was nice. But the bad thing was I was away all the time. AC/DC toured so much, but we just seemed never to stop. Germany, Frances, it was insatiable for more and more AC/DC. I think it took everybody in the band by surprise, it was just sensational.”

An AC/DC member was ‘broke’ after a painful breakup. CWT1965 posted on a rumor about an upcoming performance, “Can’t see AC/DC doing Glastonbury without doing UK shows for the true fans. Going by footage/pictures 99% of Glasto goers are teenage girls/uni student age girls and boys, without being ageist I doubt you are going to find more than a tiny % of the audience being true AC/DC fans

it would be grossly insulting to those of us who badly want to see AC/DC again and have been loyal to the band for years/decades if they did Glasto and no shows for the true fans. Can’t believe Angus Young would shit on us like that no way.” Brian Johnson recently revealed a phone call he got after his dismissal from AC/DC.