AC/DC New Album Stunning List Of Songs Revealed


AC/DC have a list of 7 new songs they recorded for their new album in fall 2018, administrator Jem is reporting. An AC/DC icon revealed why he’s hired two singers yesterday. The new material reunites Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd after the lineup slowly fell apart during the Rock or Bust era, with Rudd leaving after finishing recording the album due to legal issues, Brian Johnson being dismissed after having hearing issues in early 2016, and Cliff Williams retiring at the end of the 2016 tour, leaving Angus Young as the sole remaining ‘Back in Black’ era member.

Meanstreak posted, “This confirms that there was not an album recorded then, but only a few songs.”

Jem responded, “No it doesn’t Meany. It means that tracks were recorded, I was told 7 had been laid down and that was during the process not an end total, obviously I can’t verify that number. I don’t know how many were recorded or what they were for, for sure. I still don’t know for certain that the release won’t happen.”

An AC/DC icon was stunned after being rehired following a drug arrest, discussing what happened in an interview a few days ago. MyCubiclePenguin responded, “Thanks for the words. I’m somewhat glad we’re at a point where this information isn’t under lock and key anymore, yet that also means that the entire situation is a mess. 7 tracks is much more than I was expecting on a supposed compilation.

Being very hopeful for a new album/tour is a bit unrealistic, yet so is tossing everything out of the window because it hasn’t come yet is, too.”

AC/DC are rumored to tour in 2020, but they have yet to confirm any dates, with contrary rumors claiming a tour will happen, and others saying it won’t. An AC/DC member revealed if his reunion tour was ‘dead’ last week.