AC/DC Member Brutally Rips Robert Plant Concert


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young took a brutal shot at Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in a Classic Rock magazine interview that was just republished after years. Foo Fighters savagely called out a Led Zeppelin ripoff yesterday.

“I was never interested in modern-day sorta music. I get off on all the old stuff – Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee, swing records, Louis Armstrong and stuff like that. All the other stuff seems poor in comparison, even the production. You put Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti on and put the wildest thing from today next to it and it sounds timid in comparison.”

An AC/DC member’s arrest was detailed by his wife a few days ago. The writer said Led Zeppelin’s sound is what’s called progress. “Well, they musta progressed the wrong way. I’ll tell you when it stopped getting’ good – when the Rolling Stones put out Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Street Fightin’ Man. Past that, there’s nuthin’. Led Zeppelin and all that have just been poor imitators of The Who and bands like that. That’s when I reckon it stopped. The rest I wouldn’t even call progressive.”

Young later said about Zeppelin live, “I’ve seen that band live and they were on for three hours. For two-and-a-half hours, they bored the audience and then at the end they pull out old rock’n’roll numbers to get the crowd movin’. That’s sick. They’re supposed to be the most excitin’ rock’n’roll band in the world, them and the Stones, and they’re not playin’ it.”

An AC/DC icon made a ‘last shows’ announcement yesterday. Whomadewho80 posted on criticizing the production on Fly on the Wall and Blow Up Your Video.

“I know we have beaten the production topic to death, but I do have a question. It seems that Angus and Malcom were always particular about the sound, guitar tone on the albums. So if they paid that kind of attention to the details of albums, why would they let the poor production slide on two straight albums? I’ve heard Brian’s voice was burned out and they were trying to cover it up.

They had access to all the technology in the world and all the money to get the best production available. So why release two potentially great albums with such a poor sound? Surely they could hear what we all do.”

BeanoFire responded, “Both albums are in need of a re-mixing. Kix’s ‘Blow My Fuse’ album go that treatment recently. Originally released in 1988, it too, suffered from the reverb syndrome. The new mixes of BMF are a guide to what could be achieved with FOTW and BUYV.”

You can read the interview at Louder Sound.