AC/DC Member Going To Jail Revealed By Family


Late AC/DC singer Bon Scott going to jail, being broke, and more was discussed by his ex-wife Irene Thornton discussed his alcoholism in a new interview with Red Planet Music Books. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments. An AC/DC icon was called an ‘alcoholic’ by his wife yesterday.

“He also got along great with my grandma and my mother. I was a bit worried when I was first going out with him that it might all fall through, so I said to my mother, ‘He’s been in jail, you know.’ But all she replied was, ‘Oh, but he’s lovely, isn’t he?’ That didn’t work with trying to put my mother off.”

Scott spent a short time in Fremantle Prison’s assessment centre and nine months at the Riverbank Juvenile Institution, as he was charged with giving a false name and address to cops, having escaped legal custody, having unlawful carnal knowledge, and stealing 12 gallons of petrol.

Brian Johnson being told how AC/DC ‘ruined’ him was recently detailed. Irene said about why they split, “Well a number of things really. We had lived in England under not very great circumstances. A whole lot of couples together with kids, babies, and even a dog thrown in. It was very hard at the time, with all the women working, trying to make end’s meet, and the guys not getting the band work that they were hoping to get.

Winter coming along, and expectations going from hopefulness to despair near the end. So everyone was more or less arguing, I don’t think there wasn’t a couple that wasn’t affect by it all. It was hard. So we came back to Australia from the U.K. after a rough time.”

She added, “I still kept letters that I wrote during that time that I wrote to my mother, so I get a reminder from reading these of how I felt at the time. I was full of hope in the beginning and had said to my Mom, ‘Don’t worry about me, I still love him. We still care about each other.’ But you could tell my frustration with the circumstances when you were the one who was mainly holding it together financially. It was hard, I was only 21 at the time.” A stunning list of new AC/DC songs leaked a few days ago, featuring Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams.