AC/DC Member Confirms Major Anniversary Shows


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has revealed that he will embark on a 2020 50th anniversary tour with Chris Slade Timeline, which throws another wrench in rumors about who AC/DC’s drummer will be on their rumored 2020 tour. Angus Young revealed his money demands for AC/DC tours in an unearthed interview.

Slade announced, “14 FEB 2020 – ACDC drummer Chris Slade with his own band THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE celebrating over 50 years in ROCK! #Italy #dwdrums #kemperamps #musicmanguitars.”

Another member who is likely out from the last AC/DC touring lineup is Axl Rose, with Brian Johnson returning to the fold, but a fan on recently defended his performances. Angus Young revealed a miserable Brian Johnson lie a couple of days ago.

ACDCDude wrote, “Why are so many people hating on Axl Rose? He stepped in because he wanted to help the band in that time. Also he is for sure one of the best rock frontmen of all time. If you like him or not. And who could have done better? I don’t think anyone could have done better. What people do not realize is, that he did not steal Brian’s Job, he helped the band during a hard time. And that is amazing. Also he was amazing during the shows and his voice was awesome. They even played some old Bon Scott songs because of him. I mean Touch too much, If you want blood, Problem Child, How amazing was that?

And there was no other option. It was either him or cancelling the tour. Because nobody would have wanted to see AC/DC with an infamous cover singer on vocals. That would have been a disaster. In my opinion Axl was freaking amazing and what he did was great.” The AC/DC family revealed why a major reunion tour was canceled a few days ago.