AC/DC Family Reveal Why Reunion Tour Was Canceled


Former AC/DC singer Marks Evans (though it appears to be his son based on other social media comments, though the account has his name), has ripped the Spice Girls for canceling their reunion tour in Australia, claiming they did not need the money from coming down under, especially compared to more lucrative markets. An AC/DC icon ripping a U2 member performance was revealed earlier this week.

Evans wrote, “Bullshit its all about the Money…. Cancelled Oz Tour because they dont need it…”

He also discussed traveling and the Veronicas, “My Father travels the world and many Countries especially South America for his Work a Rock Singer…..never hear him complain he loves it….flying Finland to Mexico Etc etc…these 2 are Just Princesses.”

AC/DC fans recently discussed rumors about why Angus Young has postponed the 2020 AC/DC tour and new album announcement. Thevardinator posted, “Brian’s physical/vocal decline between Black Ice and Rock or Bust was noticeable so the thought of having to wait much longer for another tour (if he does one) is unthinkable. With every passing month, the likeliness of anything happening fades.

They either tour in 2020, to early 2021, or not at all unless with a new frontman. AC/DC are a hard rocking fast paced band. Now or never.”

Inferno wrote that hearsay rumors are now making it to radio, despite any corroboration, “This thread must be leaking because just a while ago the DJ on the local radio station said next week AC/DC to finally announce a massive 2020 tour, and that the holdup has been about money.”

Pedro Hodecker responded, “Money seems to hold it… Interesting. There were some rumors about they changing the record c. last year. Money issues?” Inferno shot back, “There isn’t anything serious to be taken from what was said. I was just pointing out that the speculation that pops up around here is being regurgitated (again) on the radio.”