AC/DC Rumored To Tour With Big Name In 2020


Former AC/DC opener Tyler Bryant recently said he ‘can’t wait’ to announce who he and The Shakedown are opening for, and due to his past with AC/DC, this has led to rumors that he could be talking about the rumored AC/DC 2020 tour with Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd back in the band. A famous comedian recently revealed how Brian Johnson feared he ruined his chance to return to AC/DC.

RNRDamnation reported on, “AC/DC follows a total count of 34 people between their Twitter and Instagram pages. The only artist they follow on both platforms is Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. The other artists they follow are: Axl Rose, Nikki Sixx, Alice Cooper, Zakk Wylde, Slash, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters (all on Twitter). They follow only 1 artist on Instagram: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

If I had a guess, the artist Tyler Bryant ‘can’t wait’ to tell everyone about playing on their upcoming USA tour is likely AC/DC. They follow 34 people and literally only one artist on Instagram, the writing is on the wall.”

He later added, “His account is more personal, so I assume that description about the USA tour and who they are playing with was personal info shared without the use of the band’s account. The band’s account followers would pick that up much quicker than his personal account followers. Also not everyone clicks AC/DC’s followers and pieces together shit like this…..only us crazy fucking AC/DC fanatics.” A big name recently revealed the real reason AC/DC dismissed Brian Johnson in 2016.