Howard Stern Rips ‘Embarrassing’ Jimmy Page Performance


Howard Stern recently discussed Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin’s worst performance. Michael Jackson’s daughter just leaked a painful Jimmy Page secret. recapped: Howard asked if people are still writing songs about Robin sniffing her privates. Fred said they are. Howard had him play a new song parody about that. Howard said it’s a thing now. He said every since she said she does that people are writing songs about it.
Robin said she’s thinking this is the song that she heard that was Led Zeppelin and she couldn’t believe it.

Howard played the song and said no one is playing this. He said this is the one song they fucked up. Howard said Meg used to play this stuff back when he worked with her at WRNW. He said she loves this kind of stuff. He said she just wants to be different. He said he loves Led Zeppelin and he hates this. He said this is like they’re tuning their instruments. He said the song is called ”Poor Tom.”

Howard said he’s going to put some lyrics to the song. He said that’s what it needs. Howard started singing some of his own stuff to the music. Robin said this is the opposite of Stairway to Heaven. Howard said leave it to Meg to find that. He said he’s never heard that. Robin said she wondered where that came from.

Fred said the song does have lyrics. He played that version of the song for Howard. Howard said he thinks they’re goofing on him. He said they’re not helping. He let the song play for a little bit longer and cut it off.

Gary said that song is so obscure it came out on a box set that included the Coda album. Jimmy Page made a sad Eric Clapton claim last week.