Michael Jackson Family Drops Creepy Ringo Starr Bombshell


Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson discussed the eerie film ‘Yesterday’ in a new tweet, which imagines Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison never existing and The Beatles being a figment of our imagination. Michael Jackson’s family revealed a sad Paul McCartney secret last week.

Paris tweeted, “Just saw a movie for a trailer basically about ‘what if the beatles never existed’ and like the movie looks good but also like.. what the fuck bro. thats so uncool dude like what ????”

Almostmikaela responded in a tweet that Paris liked, “paul mccartney and ringo starr are in it, they’re on the cast listing as themselves! so i’m certain by the end of the film it’s more of an appreciation thing! i’m excited to see it 💛.”

VCM1234 said in another message liked by Jackson, “The Yesterday movie is rom-com which has some of The Beatles music and Paul and Ringo have cameos, so it’s more an appreciation for The Beatles, rather than a diss towards them.”

Kayla Sativa chimed in, “What a neat way to play with perception. What pop culture would be like without artists like The Beatles, who have made such a profound, significant, impact on our culture and society, to this day. To see how the other side lives would be thought-provoking, to say the least :-)”

M wrote, “That would mean I would have never got to sing Here Comes The Sun throughout elementary school music class and feel happier than ever. Sounds like a horror film honestly.”

Em Jay said, “What if Michael Jackson never existed? I see void in my imagination. Your Dad is many folds more influential than the beatles, more recognized than that band. And very evidently a better entertainer.” Ringo Starr also leaked his sad last photo with John Lennon.